Luxurious Cabinet Designs for Your Home: Carved Patterns, Inlays and More

The kitchen is a room everyone spends time in, so it’s important to keep it looking as contemporary and stylish as the rest of your home. This is especially true when new kitchens are the norm in your area, which happens frequently in booming real estate markets. Kitchen cabinets and counter tops are the first step to creating a luxurious and fashionable kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen or just want to modernize your current one, combining current styles with classic techniques like inlays, carved patterns, and handcrafted details can create a vibrant and memorable space. If you want to have one of the nicest kitchens in town, kitchen cabinets made with tasteful handcrafted wood can make all the difference.

That hand-crafted touch makes all the difference:

You want a kitchen that guests will remember. Nothing is more forgettable than the mass produced look that comes from strolling through a hardware store and picking from a small selection of uninspiring kitchen cabinets. If you’ve got a woodworking professional nearby, why not take advantage of that and make your kitchen something guests will be talking about on the drive home? Hand-crafted cabinetry allows you the amazing level of freedom and customization that comes with personalized work, as well as the advice and years of experience of a craftsman who knows how to make a dream kitchen. Wherever you’re located, there is likely a gifted artisan with a history of providing perfectly hand-crafted kitchen cabinets to nearby residents, so don’t hesitate to do a bit of looking around.

Inlays that stand out:

One of the most eye-catching things you can do in a kitchen is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years by old-world craftsmen to create interiors that stand the test of time: inlay. Inlaying involves setting different kinds or colours of wood into a larger wooden piece, allowing for detailed and breathtaking designs with a smooth finish. By combining this classic technique with modern precision tools you can achieve stunning custom designs with a unique look you’ll never find in a store. Patterns, shapes, and images are all possible while maintaining the tasteful and rich finish of solid wood. It gives you a chance to get involved with the design of your own kitchen while ensuring you’ll have some of the most noteworthy Kitchen Cabinets on the block.

Carved Patterns that combine beauty and depth

If you want beauty that you can feel with your fingertips carved patterns add a new dimension to what is possible with beautiful interior design. Living in an exciting, young, and vibrant city adds challenge when you want your home stand out from the rest; kitchen cabinets with custom carved patterns can create a sumptuous texture your friends won’t be able to stop talking about. This is another old-world technique that has been modernized with precision tools and skilled professionals, ensuring a look that can be modern and fashionable, traditional and tasteful, or anywhere in between. The options are nearly limitless for designs and patterns so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen is utterly unique.

Kitchen Cabinets define your kitchen

Look around your kitchen, if it’s like most high quality kitchens you’ll find almost every wall has cabinetry or woodworking of some variety no matter where you look. When you’re remodeling don’t forget the single biggest source of visual impact or settle with “good enough.” The trick to having the best looking kitchen in the city is to make sure that you have the best looking kitchen cabinets around.

Five Different Ways to Improve Kitchen Cabinets

When the cabinets in a kitchen start to deteriorate, it becomes an issue that’s hard to ignore. Cabinets in many ways have the biggest visual impact in the kitchen, as they stare one in the face upon entering the room and store the majority of plates and cookery. Cabinets set the tone for the room, so the longer they are ignored, the more it will wear upon the family. Fortunately, there is more than one option on the table when you want to address the problem. Rather than tearing out all of the cabinets and tackling a total replacement job, one can refinish, enhance and improve cabinets in several different ways. Here are five options to choose from.

1. Cleaning. Wear on kitchen cabinets can come from many different sources. In some cases, the weather and a lot of traffic can create a layer of dirt which will cause cabinets to look much older than they actually are. After undertaking a major cleaning job, many homeowners are surprised to find their cabinets in good condition. Structural damage cannot be fixed so easily, but the first level of cosmetic renovation may work for many.

2. Painting. If an earnest cleaning job doesn’t solve the problem, homeowners can turn to the next step. Painting will take care of many levels of deterioration, from dirt to cracked older coats painted on in the past. It may be a good time to take the opportunity to rethink the color scheme of one’s kitchen. A more brilliant color can revive a drab kitchen, while any new coat of paint will make a huge difference.

3. Molding and trim. Once a solid cleaning is done, followed by a paint job, homeowners can try adding some decorative features to cabinets to improve a kitchen’s image. Home designers recommend adding crown molding to achieve the classic effect in any kitchen. In addition, lines of trim can add another level of style. In most cases, these enhancements should be left to a professional who is experienced in cabinetwork.

4. Refacing. Cabinet refacing is probably the closest anyone can come to replacing their cabinets entirely. Taking down the doors of the cabinets, a new layer is created and the image is completely rejuvenated. Once the painting or staining is finished, the look of new cabinets will take the place of the old. However, the process is much easier to complete, normally taking less than 3 days.

5. Hardware replacement. Homeowners often forget about the knobs and handles on cabinets, which can make a big difference. Putting a new set of handles can change the style of cabinets along with the previous steps. Whether it’s a different look or an added shine, this step can complement other steps in color and exterior enhancement. Home designers recommend complementing another recognizable feature in the kitchen.

How To Find A Reliable Kitchen Cabinets Provider

According to a report published in the magazine, “Remodeling”, minor kitchen remodeling can bring you 78% returns of the cost when you sell your home. If you are looking to increasing the worth of your house, you can consider remodeling. You may even have an entirely different purpose when it comes to revamping your kitchen, such as to enhance its functionality and/or look. Many people opt for kitchen remodeling to achieve energy efficiency. One of the best ways to increase the value of your kitchen dramatically is have new kitchen cabinets installed. To achieve this, it is important to choose a reliable provider of cabinets.

Tips on Choosing a Reliable Kitchen Cabinets Provider

To get value for your money ensure to consider the following points while choosing a kitchen cabinets provider:

Service: Customer service is one of the most important factors to consider while making such an investment. Is the provider answering all your queries to your satisfaction? If not, move on to the next provider. Also, ask if there is any warranty on the products offered. A reliable provider will give your around 5 years of finish warranty on kitchen cabinets.

Variety: The more the options to choose from, the more it will be convenient for you to find the desired cabinets. A good provider will offer you high quality cabinets in cherry, hickory, oak and maple wood. You can also choose from smooth, stain grade or sanded and primed. A provider with a well-established business is very likely to offer cabinet hardware as well as custom plantation shutters. The provider should also have unfinished cabinets, ready to assemble and assembled cabinets.

Online Availability: Among the most convenient ways to look for a provider is to carry out research on the Internet. A provider offering up-front pricing is likely to be a trustworthy provider. Make sure the website features images of all the products the provider has on offer. Also, if the provider company is socializing with its clients through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, it implies that the provider is makes efforts to stay in touch with customers.

Testimonials: Check testimonials on the provider’s website to know what its customers have to say about its products, services and shipping system.

The 4 Best Features of Solid Wood RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen cabinets are the best choice in affordable kitchen solutions and can easily give their custom counterparts a run for money. In fact, this type of kitchen cabinetry has become so popular a choice with buyers that they are now available everywhere – from your local furniture or hardware store to online shops dealing in the same. However it is important for every buyer to look for quality during purchase since cheap quality cardboard or fiberboard cabinets can never last for long and can only lead to hassles in the long run. The solid wood varieties of RTA Kitchen cabinets are supposedly the best and they last longer also. Their best features are -

- The solid wood cabinets are sold in unassembled condition but are extremely easy -to- assemble and even the most average buyer with limited mechanical knowledge can easily fix it up within a few minutes. No nails or glues are required for the assembly of these cabinets and they can be easily put together with the help of the cam lock system that is integrated in the designs. A fully achievable DIY job for the first timers also.

- These cabinets come with excellent designs, space saving features and buyer friendly amenities. The best door designs and back paneling are found in these. Coming at almost a fraction of the price of custom cabinets, RTA kitchen cabinets can be the best choice to invest your kitchen with functionalism and aestheticism at the same time.

- Cost-effectiveness is a definite advantage that solid wood RTA kitchen cabinets enjoy over their custom wood versions and buyers going for it can save thousands of dollars in the process. Getting a custom wood finish for your kitchen at an affordable price was never easier than this.

- The best solid wood RTA Kitchen cabinets can be found online and you don’t need to physically visit stores for selection. Online stores not only have the most trendy and modern products on their racks, but they also offer the buyers a look into the features, product reviews and buyer guidelines for making the best purchase. Some shops even have online installation guides with images instructing the buyers with directions.

Naturally enough, solid wood RTA Kitchen Cabinets are gradually emerging as the preferred choice for homeowners who want to invest their kitchens with the beauty, grandeur and appeal of wood finish, functionality and durability.

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